May 14, 2021

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Wanda Vázquez wants a salary adjustment for public employees to be discussed in the extraordinary session

Barceloneta – The governor Wanda Vázquez announced today that she will meet next week with the legislative presidents to agree on the measures to be included in an extraordinary session and assured that these will include a assignment to comply with the Public Employees Compensation Plan in accordance with the Single Employer Law.

In the middle of the impasse between the House of Representatives and the Senate regarding the discussion of the budget, it was left out of the document certified on 1 July by the Fiscal Oversight Board (JSF) the money required to adjust the salaries of public employees.

The Chamber had allocated $ 29 million for the increases to take effect in January, while La Fortaleza initially proposed $ 64 million, although later an agreement was reached with the Chamber to increase the figure to $ 48 million.

"It has been a priority for me … and I have told the JSF, the Public Employees Remuneration Plan. It is a priority and if you do not fit into this budget, we have to identify and find you a source of money. It was budgeted and was not authorized by the JSF. If it doesn't come in, it's something I want to work on in an extraordinary session, "said Vázquez, anticipating that the additional session of the Legislature would be held in July.

The first executive also indicated that she is studying including in the extraordinary session the measure of the so-called dignified withdrawal, which remained pending in the Legislature after the Senate included a last-minute amendment that was not accepted by the author of the measure, the representative penetrated Lourdes Ramos.

He also indicated that he would be reappointing certain officials to positions such as judges and prosecutors and whose appointments were withdrawn on June 30 by La Fortaleza in view of the danger that they would be hanged.

The spokesman for the majority I entered the Senate, Carmelo Ríos, indicated that the nominees did not have the votes, but Vázquez assured today that the Upper House simply ran out of time to analyze the appointments, but that she did his part in nominating “capable and qualified” people.

Inaugurates fire station

Vázquez participated this morning during the reopening of the Barceloneta fire station, named in honor of the lieutenant Edwin Torres Cubano, described as a civic and cultural leader in the municipality and who died of a health condition in 2011.

Torres Cubano, who debuted as a firefighter in 1970, was instrumental in authorizing the construction of the station. 28 years ago. Part of his family, including a son and his widow, were present at the ceremony.

The fire station suffered severe damage during the passage of Hurricane Maria, so improvements worth $ 334,775 were made, including the installation of a air conditioning, lighting system. A gate, gates, kitchen and other areas of the facility were also repaired.

In the activity, 155 Autonomous Breathing equipment, 204 compressed air tanks and 445 masks were delivered. In total, the investment was $ 1.1 million. In addition, 32 light vehicles were acquired to be assigned to various divisions of the Fire Department at a cost of $ 975,676. engine, including trucks that are under construction in the United States. 849 personal protective equipment for firefighters, each valued at more than $ 8,000, will also be delivered this fiscal year.

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