November 23, 2020

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Wanda Vázquez will request an investigation into the property that disappeared in La Fortaleza

Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced revealed today, Friday, that La Fortaleza is close to completing a report on the property that disappeared from the Executive Mansion according to the governor, during the transition between Ricardo Rosselló Nevares and Pedro Pierluisi and added that they will submit the document to the relevant authorities to start an investigation. [19659010] Vázquez Garced maintained that it is up to Rosselló Nevares and Pierluisi to explain what happened to the objects and how they used public funds. An internal audit that the governor ordered upon arriving at the Santa Catalina Palace found alleged embezzlement of furniture and other objects with a value of $14,729.45.

“That property did not appear, so I am going to comply because I am not going to allow there are doubts, in any of the people who are listening to us, where these public funds are. They have to appear or they have to say what they did with them. We are going to refer it to the pertinent authorities and that they do the investigation, be it the Department of Justice or other agencies. We are going to refer it to you because it is up to them. I will make the discovery and have them investigate, “said Vázquez Garced during a visit to the Doctor Víctor Berríos residential complex in Yabucoa.

On June 1, it became public that the manager of the property in La Fortaleza, José D. Candelaria Santos, filed a complaint with the Police to report the disappearance of the objects. Candelaria Santos indicated in the complaint that an inventory was made of the properties assigned to La Fortaleza that ended on May 21, and they realized that furniture was missing.

However, Rosselló Nevares reacted to the filing of the complaint through a letter he sent to Vázquez Garced on Thursday. In the letter, the former governor denied that he had taken property from La Fortaleza and demanded that Vázquez Garced publicly clarify the information, which, he alleged, was revealed with “malicious intent.”

“In relation to the expressions that the ex-governor did, I have to say that the personalist attacks I will never favor them. On the contrary, I repudiate them around here all of you know that, even, the attacks that have come against my family we will never support that because we are never going to But the transition from La Fortaleza should have been done because we don’t have that evidence either, the ex-governor with Mr. Pedro Pierluisi, who was the first person to be in La Fortaleza after the ex-governor. Ricardo Llerandi, who must have made the transition. When I arrived in La Fortaleza there was no one there, so there was no transition there, “said Vázquez Garced.

Letter from Ricardo Rosselló to … by El Nuevo Día on Scribd

“In my responsibility to verify (the use of) every penny of public funds, I requested an audit of the property and all the matters that were in La Fortaleza. At that moment the report comes out where a property is missing. The only person who can tell where that property is is the ex-governor or Pedro Pierluisi when he made the transition with the ex-governor. All I can say is that the people of Puerto Rico you have to show him where each of the pennies that were used to buy property is. If that property was bought with money from the people, it has to appear. And I can tell you that in that audit process that La Fortaleza did, multiple steps were taken to tell them where that property was, “added the president.

” Once we finish the report, which is already close, we will refer it to the relevant authorities, be it the Department of Justice or other authorities, we are going to refer it because it is up to them. I make the discovery and that they investigate it,” stressed the also former secretary of Justice.

Finally, Vázquez Garced said that” at the time “he will answer the letter that Rosselló Nevares sent,” but I think whoever has it The answer is for the people of Puerto Rico. “

Rosselló Nevares, who was forced to resign from the governorship last summer after the massive protests against him and went to live in the United States with his wife Beatriz and his two children, yesterday he sent a letter to the governor in which he even claims that it was he who left belongings at the Palacio Santa Catalina. El Nuevo Día obtained a copy of the letter.

“We do not have items that are not owned by us. This entire move process went through your management and administration. We require La Fortaleza to clarify this officially and also publicly express that the move process was carried out by Mansi staff on, with strict instructions to leave anything that was not ours and even leaving personal property that we have donated to Fortaleza, “Rosselló Nevares maintains in the letter.

Rosselló Nevares assures in the letter that the embezzlement is” false. ” In addition, he maintains that his wife, Beatriz, donated some personal items to La Fortaleza.

“The details of the move were delegated to the Administration and Property staff requesting that only our personal items be moved. If there was any doubt about what was or was not a personal article, it was insisted that the article be left in La Fortaleza, “the letter reads.

Rosselló Nevares also reveals in the two-page letter that he has claimed to receive articles of his property that he left in the executive mansion and that, so far, has not received a response.

“You are aware of this request because on multiple occasions Beatriz has contacted you to inquire about this “, says Rosselló Nevares, who resigned from his post after a wave of protests demanding his immediate departure after revealing the content of a chat in which he participated and wrote homophobic, demeaning messages for women and insulting for minorities. [19659012] For his part, Pierluisi maintained, by written communication, that Rosselló Nevares’s move was completed before he was sworn in, and questioned whether the information was now leaked.

“The move of ex-Governor Ricardo Rosselló was carried out before I was sworn in on August 2, 2019. During the time that I served as Governor, I never had knowledge or inherent in the personal effects that the ex-Governor used “, indicated the pre-candidate for governor of the New Progressive Party (PNP).

” All the personnel of Fortaleza remained in their positions during my business as no changes were made. Even the acting administrator of the Fortress during that time was Luis Augusto Martínez, whom the governor later named as property. It was Mr. Martínez as acting Administrator, who was in charge of the move. It seems inconceivable to me that after more than 10 months of the change of government, this supposed audit was leaked and that the Governor tries to make allusions that I had something to do with the alleged missing articles. Instead of blaming and making false advances, what you have to do is to clarify this situation, “added the former resident commissioner.

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