June 13, 2021

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Water rationing begins tomorrow Saturday in Canóvanas and Loíza – NotiCel – The truth as it is – News from Puerto Rico – NOTICEL

The rivers that feed the Canóvanas Filter Plant are suffering from drought.

Photo: File / NotiCel

The director of the Metropolitan Region of the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (AAA), Roberto W. Martínez Toledo, reported that the levels in the raw water intakes of the Canóvanas and Canovanillas rivers have dropped considerably due to the lack of precipitation, which has caused the Canóvanas Filter Plant to not receive sufficient flow to cover its water production .

For this reason, various sectors of the municipalities of Canóvanas and Loíza will initiate this Saturday, June 20, 2020, a plan of scheduled interruptions of eight hours in the drinking water service.

“It is important to urge the citizens on the prudent use of water during the opening and restoration of service as the distribution system fills up. The established interruption schedule is an initial one and will depend on the weather conditions and the consumption of the subscribers as factors to be extended. Likewise, we inform that the high and distant parts of the system are the last to recover the potable water service, "explained Martínez Toledo.

The subscribers of the municipality of Canóvanas who will initiate a service interruption plan this Saturday, June 20 , from 9:00 at night until 5:00 in the morning, are the residents of the urban area of ​​Canóvanas, the River Garden, River Plantation, Estancias del Río, Villas de Loíza, San Isidro and Palmarejo, as well as customers near PR-188, PR-3, Highway 9959, the Outlets de Canóvanas shopping center and surrounding areas.

Likewise, residents of the municipality of Loíza will be affected, with the exception of the Piñones area that uses the distribution system of the Sergio Cuevas Filter Plant.

“This is a situation that we do not know how long it will last, so my call to all the people of Loice is that be careful in the us or drinking water and that they follow the recommendations of the AAA. As we save this important resource, there will be enough for everyone.

“We will cooperate. Given the whole situation of the pandemic due to Covid-19, it is also important to continue with health measures to protect our families, "reported the mayor of Loíza, Julia Nazario Fuentes.

The mayor of Canóvanas, Lornna Soto Villanueva indicated that “we urge all residents of Canóvanas to take measures for the water supply and establish a family plan according to the needs of their home. It is a situation that is not in our hands, we depend on how much rain may fall in the coming days. However, we were in dialogue with AAA officials and they explained to us the need to establish a plan to interrupt the drinking water service, which must be monitored daily to restore the system. "

" The agency will establish some oases To meet the water supply in periods of interruption and need support, we will be coordinating with the Office of Emergency Management to assist them. Residents can be confident that we will continue to monitor the development of the situation and in direct communication with AAA officials, to ensure that as the situation with the reservoirs stabilizes, the much-needed service is restored and more in the midst of the situation. that we operate in our COVID-19 homes, "explained Soto Villanueva.

As a mitigation measure, oasis trucks will be kept available, in front of the factories in the Upper Midiania sector and on PR-187 in front of the headquarters of the Police and the Carlos Escobar school, in the municipality of Loíza. In front of the River Gardens and River Plantation developments on PR-9959 in the municipality of Canóvanas.

"We urge customers to be cautious with consumption during the restoration of service so that the system achieves optimal levels of recovery, "said the director of the AAA Metropolitan Region.


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