April 13, 2021

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We detail the first findings of the municipal Covid-19 tracking | government

Epidemiologist Fabiola Cruz and data analyst Danilo PĂ©rez offer to THE SPOKESMAN details of the findings included in the first report of the Municipal System of Investigation of Cases and Tracing of Contacts (Smicrc).

In the first three weeks of August, 120 Covid-19 outbreaks and 852 people involved in these chains of infection were identified, including patients who have tested positive on the molecular test and identified contacts.

These data come from the report made by Smicrc, which includes figures for the period from August 1 to 21.

The report reveals that 57% of the outbreaks occurred in family events – parties, birthdays and wakes, among others -, 30% in the work environment – distribution centers, barracks, offices of textile factories and others – and 5% It went from work to family nature.

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