June 14, 2021

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We’ll find someone else, says governor-elect on ACT director resignation

Photo: Cybernews

San Juan – The governor-elect, Pedro Rafael Pierluisi Urrutia reacted on Monday night to the resignation of the director of the Highways and Transportation Authority, Rosana Aguilar Zapata.

Aguilar Zapata resigned from his effective position on December 31 and, incidentally, gave up remaining in office.

“I received the resignation of engineer Rosana Aguilar from her position and her name as director of the Highway Authority. I appreciate the service provided to Puerto Rico. Together with the designated DTOP secretary, engineer Eileen Vélez, I will be identifying and appointing a person in the coming days, ”Pierluisi Urrutia said in written statements.

During the Transitional Public Hearings, Aguilar Zapata was targeted by the Chairman of the Committee, Ramón Luis Rivera Cruz, due to the slowness in which the contracts for the use of 169 million dollars available in federal emergency funds for the Urban Train improvements.

The funds had been available since 2010 and were about to be lost. During the interrogation, Rivera Cruz told the official that at the rate he was going, “he would have the funds in the year 3,000.”

“The director understood what was the urgency that this server wanted to bring. So that all the chiefs of the cabinet understand that this is the four-year period of urgency and action, ”said the mayor of Bayamón on December 10.

He assured that as a result of what he told Aguilar Zapata, “the director will look for a way and a way to quickly do that.”

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