May 14, 2021

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WHO warns of the risk of young people infecting the elderly | PRESENT

GENEVA – The head of the World Health Organization for Europe warned today that Covid-19 is a “long-tailed tornado” and that the increase in the number of cases among young people could ultimately affect people older people, who are more vulnerable, and lead to an increase in mortality figures.

Dr. Hans Kluge said that young people are likely to come into closer contact with the elderly as the environment cools in Europe.

"We don't want to make unnecessary predictions, but this is definitely one of the options: that in a moment there will be more hospitalizations and an increase in mortality," he told reporters from Copenhagen, the WHO headquarters in Europe. [19659002] Kluge said that 32 of the 55 party states and territories in the WHO European region have seen an increase in the 14-day incidence rate of more than 10%, calling that “definitely a rebound that spreads in Euro pa. ”

However, he also commented that health authorities and other officials are better positioned and more prepared than in February, when the continent was on the cusp of a sharp increase in cases and deaths.

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