March 4, 2021

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Winners of the Sor Isolina Ferré Award for Excellence in Service to Others Announced

The Sor Isolina Ferré Centers (CSIF) announced the winners of the 18th. Edition of the 2020 Sor Isolina Ferré Award for Excellence in Service to Others, which is awarded each year by the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico, to recognize people who selflessly serve those most in need.

“This has been a historic year, in many ways, including the earthquakes and the COVID-19 pandemic, which makes the contribution that these extraordinary human beings have made to those most in need all the more valuable. In times of pandemic, doing community work and actively participating in volunteering, speaks in itself of the quality of people who are the winners, “said the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Carlos” Johnny “Méndez Núñez.

For her part, Marie Estela Cestero, Chief Development and Communications Officer of the CSIF highlighted that “there have been many heroes in solidarity, often anonymous, who have given their support to the brothers in need and today they continue to work hard in the recovery of Puerto Rico and this solidarity is worthy of recognition ”. Cestero added that this year the record for nominations was broken, “not only because of the number, but also because of the extraordinary trajectory of the nominees, so the task of selecting only five people was a great challenge for the Evaluation Committee,” he indicated.

To this end, the Evaluation Committee decided to award more than one award per category. This year the Sor Isolina Ferré Award for Excellence in Service to Others is awarded to 13 outstanding citizens in service to others in the areas of health, education, sports, culture, and community development.

Those selected for the Sor Isolina Ferré Award for Excellence in Service to Others 2020 in the category of Community development They are: Carmen Villanueva Castro, Adrián Vázquez Bandas, Nicole Alois Rosario López and Wilfredo Cameron Santiago. Those chosen in the category of Health They were Dr. Ana Judith Román García and Rev. Felipe Andrew Neenan, PhD CSsR. Regarding the winners in the category of Prevention these are: Carlos Matos Medina and Father Javier Aquino Florenciani. In the category of Education those selected are: María del Carmen Warren, Ada Monzón and Jacklyne Ortiz Vélez. While in the category of Culture Jonathan Hernández León and Dr. Frances Colón Jiménez will be recognized.

The evaluation and selection of the winners was carried out by an independent committee appointed by the Sor Isolina Ferré Centers. This recognition is awarded annually, in accordance with the provisions of Law 7 of January 4, 2002, one of only two awards that are recognized by law in Puerto Rico.

The Sor Isolina Ferré Awards for Excellence in Service to Others 2020 will be presented at a ceremony to be held on Thursday, October 8 at 11:00 am in the Capitol Rotunda.

“Given the situation the island is going through with the COVID-19 pandemic, the award ceremony will be limited to the winners, members of the House of Representatives and some representatives of the CSIF,” said Cestero. However, he added that the ceremony will be broadcast through the social networks of the CSIF by Facebook Live

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