June 25, 2021

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Wisin bets on Puerto Rico | Stage

Wisin reaffirms his commitment to Puerto Rico. In the mountains of Cayey, where he lives, he founded his record company La Base Music Group and erected a recording studio at the height of the best in the world, from where he will export talents and contribute to job creation.

“We continue in the Cayey mountains, we are not going to take a plane and with much respect to all those who are outside. But I love Puerto Rico and the mountains, "emphasized the singer in an interview with EL VOCERO .

The studio operates with the same technological capacity as other internationals.

He recognized that" there are good studios in Puerto Rico, but we need to continue creating this type to travel less and start exporting our entire work from here; and create employment. It is with the intention of creating a company in Cayey, where I was born, "reaffirmed the also CEO of the company.

The studio has it seven years ago, but the quarantine allowed him to complete the construction in detail. This Friday, he will release the new talent Chris Andrew, a native of Peñuelas.

“He launched La base, Ozuna's new album, which we finished here. There is a lot of work thank God, I think it is a place with spectacular energy to be able to make good music, "he said.

In addition, it is in the final touches of the album Los legendarios, by various artists, in which he participates alongside colleagues like Ozuna, Miky Woodz and Reik in the first single, titled I don't get used to it. Likewise, they are part of the album Rauw Alejandro, Brytiago and Black Eyed Peas, among others. It will be unveiled in mid-August.

“After the theme I refuse (with Ozuna and Reik), I understood that there is an audience, in this case more women, who like this content, who sing of love and heartbreak in a correct way. And I decided to repeat the meeting, this time also with Miky Woodz, to give him a little more street and neighborhood, "he explained.

Wisin says it is a" super theme "and despite the threat of Covid-19, it will depart today to Miami to record the video with the Puerto Ricans and the Mexican trio.

“We have already spoken with the director and all the technicians are going to be testing, it will be in a studio. We arrived and we were tested to be clear, "he explained.

Tour and album with Yandel in 2021

On the other hand, there are only two songs left to finish the new record production by Wisin and Yandel, backed by a tour in 2021.

However, he clarified about that closure that" the Jun de Wisin y Yandel will always be there, Wisin y Yandel are one. There are few artists who, with effect, can last so long and have the respect of so many people. That is why we have to respect the brand and continue giving it, but we will always do it with greatness, because people expect that. ”

The quarantine period, too, is dedicated to his wife, Yomaira Ortiz and their children, Dylan and Yelena.

“I am always with my family on the farm, breathing the mountain air, thinking hard, thanking God that we are blessed. I live in Cayey, I love my Puerto Ricans and Puerto Rico. I am one of those who throw blows out there to throw the land of us, "said the person who on July 19 will return to the live shows of La Voz USA, on Telemundo, where he is‘ coach ’.

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