April 13, 2021

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130 Department of Education Employees with COVID-19 Symptoms

A total of 130 employees from the Department of Education (DE) reported that they have some type of symptoms possibly related to COVID-19, according to data collected by the agency’s tracking system on August 14.

On that day, 26,917 school employees filled out the form that all workers (teachers, principals, teaching, and non-teaching staff) must complete every day. Secretary Eligio Hernández Pérez told the press today that the most common symptoms are a headache, followed by a sore throat. He added that most of the employees who said they have some type of virus-related symptoms are working remotely.

“Of them, there are 24 who state that they are waiting, specifically for a diagnosis for possible COVID-19. Of the total number of people who responded, there were 226 who had established that they had traveled in the last 15 days. Of the total number of employees who answered OSHA’s assistance and follow-up system, 188 confirmed they had possible contact with someone who has COVID-19 ”, this information was revealed by questions from EL VOCERO.

In addition, there are nine employees with mycoplasma and 66 pending some type of diagnosis. There are no employees with influenza. “An extremely important detail is that the DE, together with the planning area, plus the nursing program, makes an analysis of these data”, he commented.

“For us, it is extremely important that they have indicated that they have had possible contact with a confirmed infected person, we immediately check the details: was it face-to-face, are they hospitalized, are they working remotely. If they are working remotely, we make the referral for the corresponding procedure, the epidemiological tracking system, which is done by the Department of Health (DS). We always indicate that an employee who has symptoms should go to his doctor to seek a diagnosis”, he pointed out.
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