June 25, 2021

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Without responding candidates to the governor on Luma’s contract

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Puerto Rico – Two weeks after the UTIER sent a letter to the candidates for governor to put in writing their position on the contract awarded to Luma and other issues of relevance to the country, such as the privatization of essential services, reform among others, only two candidates have responded.

“It is unusual that out of six candidates to rule the reins of this country, only two have responded, in writing, as requested, what they will do with the disastrous contract with Luma Energy and what is their commitment to cancel it during their first 100 days in office . It is incredible that the other four candidates have not yet answered what they will do with Luma, but that they will also do with the Retirement System of PREPA employees, with the privatization of essential services and the repeal of the labor reform that damages them so much it has made the workers of this country especially the youngest ”, explained Ángel Figueroa Jaramillo, president of the UTIER.

In the letter sent by the UTIER to the six candidates for governor, and that only Juan Dalmau and Carlos Delgado Altieri have responded, in addition to knowing what they will do with Luma and PREPA’s Retirement System, the candidates were required to answer their positions regarding the possibility of elevating to constitutional status any decision related to the privatization of essential public services, the freezing of collective bargaining processes in the public sector, the repeal of the Labor Reform and the repeal, in whole or in part of the PROMESA Law.

“In the letter that we sent almost 3 weeks ago, we not only asked energy issues, we asked large-scale issues for all Puerto Ricans. Not answering the letter is not answering to a country that is pending everything that the candidates say about matters so important to the people and even more so now that a people has removed a leader who did not meet expectations and disrespected the country. Let the other four know that the workers are attentive to their answers, that the country is attentive to what they have to answer, that these people are tired of empty promises and that now they are asking for change and action ”, he concluded.

The reply to the letters sent by Juan Dalmau and Carlos Delgado Altieri are available on the page UTIER website, in Official UTIER on Facebook and on Twitter.

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