February 28, 2021

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Without the votes to be confirmed appointed comptroller according to the chamber president

Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced defended the appointment of Soto García as the Comptroller of Puerto Rico and said it was not for “politics.”

Photo: Center for Investigative Journalism

SAN JUAN – The president of the House of Representatives, Carlos “Johnny” Méndez Núñez, said Tuesday that the designated comptroller of Puerto Rico, Osvaldo Soto García, would not have enough votes to be confirmed by that body.

According to Méndez Núñez reported in an interview with Jay Fonseca in Día a Día (Telemundo), when the call for the extraordinary session is received, the votes that Soto García has will be confirmed.

Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced defended the appointment of Soto García as the Comptroller of Puerto Rico and said it was not for “politics.”

“I have to clarify that this is not an appointment that has nothing to do with politics. I told the Puerto Rican people that I am not a traditional politician. And since I’m not a traditional politician, I don’t make those decisions either. I did it by evaluating the merits, what the law establishes what the requirements are (to appoint) a Comptroller of Puerto Rico, the experience, the trajectory in public service that Mr. Osvaldo Soto García has, so, like all we who are in a government agency, we have to have a work team, so he, like everyone else that we meet here, we have an extraordinary work team of people who know their work and that as a job As a team, we are going to make the decisions, ”said Vázquez Garced to questions from the press.

“In the Comptroller’s Office there were other comptrollers who did the same excellent job and they weren’t CPAs,” he added.

Asked about why she did not evaluate an experienced person, Vázquez Garced answered “in evaluating the officials I am very careful. And it does not mean that they have not been taken into consideration, when we talk about auditors, we are talking about people who are the complement of each agency. And in the case of Osvaldo Soto, all the auditors who are there are the complement for that office to provide an agile, efficient and transparent service to the Puerto Rican people ”.

Vázquez Garced assured that he consulted the appointment with the legislative presidents who will evaluate this appointment in the called extraordinary session.

“I think that, surprise, it is because as governor I analyze the determinations I make and I notified them, both to the president of the Senate and to the president of the Chamber, it is an appointment that goes to both the Chamber and the Senate, and I do not I think that Osvaldo Soto has no problem both in the Chamber and in the Senate, ”said Vázquez Garced.

Likewise, the governor answered a question that revolved around the consideration of Francisco Parés Alicea, current Secretary of the Treasury for that position.

“I must tell you, the Secretary of the Treasury has all my respect and is an excellent and extraordinary civil servant. So I prefer that the secretary stay in the Department of the Treasury and Mr. Osvaldo Soto, appointed to the Comptroller, “he said.

He also rejected the argument that he is “screwing” Soto García into the position that would last 10 years.

“I would not use the adjective of screwing because I do not see it that way, he is an honest civil servant,” he said.

During the presentation of the appointment, Vázquez Garced thanked Soto García for his availability to the position for which he was appointed.

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