November 23, 2020

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Without water sectors of Aguada, Moca and Aguadilla | government

The Montaña filter plant in Aguadilla operates in low production, so sectors in Aguada, Moca and Aguadilla have from low pressures to lack of water service, reported engineer Nelson Saavedra, director of the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (AAA) in the Aguadilla area.

The official explained that the low production occurs due to operational problems, given the high turbidity in the raw waters that are received from Calero Lake.

While brigades make adjustments to the system that allow for an increase in production, subscribers living in the upper parts of Aguada and Moca will have their water service affected today. In the same way, the subscribers residing in the Cuesta Vieja, urbanization El Prado, Res. Villanueva and Residencial Montaña sectors in Aguadilla.

The recovery of the service will be from tomorrow, Friday, November 20, if there are no problems.

Given the possibility of turbidity when restoring the service, it is recommended to boil the water intended for human consumption for three minutes.

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