April 19, 2021

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Without water sectors of Manatí and Ciales | government

Sectors of Manatí and Ciales experience from low pressures to interruption in drinking water service due to voltage fluctuations in the interconnection of the super-aqueduct system in Manatí, said José, the executive director of the Northern Region of the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (AAA). A. Rivera Ortiz.

“The system operates with an electric generator that maintains two pumps in operation. However, the system must operate with three pumps to maintain stability in service. Due to this situation, the Pugnado, Coto Sur and Monaco pump stations located in Manatí continue to face operational problems, ”the official explained.

Residents of the following sectors in Manatí experience low pressure and interruption in service: Pugnado, Coto Sur, Palo Alto, Monaco and Marques parcels. Similarly, the La Grama sector of the municipality of Ciales.

It is recommended that once service is restored, boil the water for three minutes before human consumption.

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