April 19, 2021

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Without water, several sectors of the northern area | government

The executive director of the Northern Region of the Aqueducts and Sewers Authority (AAA), José A. Rivera Ortiz, reported that personnel clean the raw water intakes in several dams to restore service as soon as possible in sectors of the North Zone.

“Due to the rains registered last night, several filtration plants (PF) are kept out of operation due to the high turbidity. However, personnel perform cleaning in the area and operational adjustments to stabilize the operation of the plant. The following facilities are being detained: PF Santa Isabel in Utuado, PF Arecibo, PF Hatillo-Camuy and PF Negros in Corozal ”, indicated the official.

The PF Lares Urbana was out of operation due to strong growth and at the moment the production of the service is stabilizing. The Quebrada PF was out due to an obstructed dam and the production of the service stabilized. However, preventive maintenance personnel are mobilized to inspect the mechanical failure of the dam’s pumps.

On the other hand, Rivera Ortiz added that the interconnection of the super-aqueduct system in Barceloneta was out of operation due to voltage fluctuations. At the moment, it operates with two pumps due to a mechanical failure in the third pump. Personnel will be replacing the failed pump.

As a result, the municipalities that have sectors that experience from low pressure to service interruption are the following: Naranjito, Corozal, Lares, Utuado, Arecibo, Hatillo, Camuy and Barceloneta. It is recommended that once service is restored, the water be boiled for three minutes before human consumption.

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