January 17, 2021

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Woman dies after being run over in Guaynabo

A woman was killed by a person who left the place, at 7:45 pm on Thursday, on the PR-177 road in Guaynabo, the police reported.

According to the report, Damaris Vélez Ojeda, 53 years old, she was crossing the road outside the designated place for the crosswalk, when she was hit by a vehicle that left the place. Vélez Ojeda was transported to the Río Piedras Medical Center hospital where the doctor on duty certified her death.

According to the authorities, the Mayra Elías alert was not activated, because "she did not meet the minimum information requirements according to the protocol." [19659002] The agent Juan Nieves assigned to the Homicide Division of the Criminal Investigation Corps of Bayamón and the prosecutor Iván De Jesús González investigate.

If you have information to help clarify this case, please contact the Criminal Investigations Corps From Bayamón to the telephones 787-269-2424 extension 1610 or to the confidential line of the Police Bureau 787-343-2020. All calls are confidential.

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