April 11, 2021

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Woman files lawsuit against individual for running over pigeons and chickens

San Juan – A woman sued on Wednesday, before the agents of the Hato Rey Oeste Precinct for cruelty against animals, after an individual, allegedly, intentionally ran over several pigeons and chickens on Ingeniero Antolín Nin Martínez street, in Hato Rey, reported the Police.

According to the Uniformed Office, the complainant alleged that someone she can identify was driving a gray Honda Acura, on previous occasions intentionally hitting several animals with the aforementioned vehicle, causing their death.

The most recent incident, according to the woman, occurred this morning, when she saw how the individual allegedly hit several pigeons and chickens with the car.

The complainant indicated that when she saw what happened, she proceeded to question him, why he was doing this, and allegedly received as a response from the individual that “they were simple pigeons.”

The case was referred to agent Cruz, in charge of Law 154 of the San Juan area, to continue with the investigation.

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