July 26, 2021

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Women in public housing take over social networks with the phrase “We can”

The entrepreneurs hope by their example to inspire other women to turn their passions and skills into successful business ideas

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San Juan – The stories of five businesswomen of public housing units lead the “Nosotras Podemos” campaign, an initiative of the Public Housing Administration (AVP) together with INprende that promoted the business projects of these entrepreneurs and now seeks to inspire other women under the slogan of that female entrepreneurs are everywhere, it transpired on Wednesday.

Aishamary Muñoz, Ivelisse Inirio, Brenda Montalvo, Marilyn Ramos and Vimarie Torres are the five protagonists of this initiative that seeks to demonstrate that success can be achieved from anywhere.

The entrepreneurs hope by her example to inspire other women to turn their passions and skills into successful business ideas.

The AVP administrator, William Rodríguez Rodríguez, highlighted in a written communication that “since we began our management, offering development alternatives for each resident has been a priority. Today we show that giving access to the necessary tools and channeling all efforts to improve the quality of life in all aspects, gives results and we see it when we learn the stories of each of these five women, which fills us with great enthusiasm ” .

Also, Rodríguez Rodríguez added that “we appreciate the effort that INprende has made to continue making the work of these entrepreneurs visible, who carry the message that, from our residential areas, with effort and dedication, it is possible to develop companies and positively impact our island.”

For her part, the founder of INprende, Alessandra Correa said that “I thank Public Housing for trusting INprende and allowing us to work on this initiative. This campaign has a multiplier effect, through it we can see how five women who received the appropriate tools to undertake in an accessible and free way today are inspiration for hundreds of others in Puerto Rico who may feel limited by where they live or by the simple fact of being women. Women entrepreneurs are everywhere, and we have to continue working hard to empower and make them visible ”.

Muñoz makes minimalist jewelry with his children through his company Jireh Bijoux from the Las Camelias Apartments residential complex in San Juan, while Ivelisse patented at the age of 69 a pattern of pillows that eventually became his company Inirio from the Las Rosas 2 residential complex in the same municipality.

Similarly, Montalvo developed the business project Lillita’s Essence, dedicated to producing handmade soaps and lotions for working women, from the Luis Lloréns Torres residence. While Ramos turned the traditional coquito that he prepared at Christmas into a commercial product for the whole year with Mary’s Coquito from the Jardines de Campo Rico residential complex in San Juan.

For his part, Torres turned his passion for art into the family business Foam Xpressions, dedicated to the creation of foam arts and canvas painting in the Zenón Díaz Valcárcel residential complex in Guaynabo.

As part of the campaign, which was launched in the month of public housing, the entrepreneurs sent their products to renowned women in Puerto Rico in order to promote the message of the initiative and the success of their respective companies.

Some of those who received the gifts and joined the call were the cheerleaders Yizette Cifredo, Alexandra Malagón, Alexandra Fuentes, Norwill Fragoso, Karla Monroig and Nicole Chacón.

Similarly, former volleyball player Vilmarie Mojica, journalists Celimar Adames and Tatiana Ortiz, as well as influencers Magda Oficial, Larissa Dones and Ashley Carrasquillo.

The creator of Jireh Bijoux, stated that “the We Can campaign for me represents a step in the journey of entrepreneurship. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to belong to it and to be an example for other women who want to take the step and have not dared. I hope that through my story many identify themselves and decide to take control of their lives and fight for their dreams ”.

Likewise, the five entrepreneur mothers strengthened their business model by receiving free business education, such as the development of the brand image of their companies and their digital presence, through the initiative managed by AVP together with INprende.

Information on the five Puerto Rican companies and their founders is available on the campaign website, wecanpr.com.

From there, the public interested in acquiring their products can communicate individually with each of the five entrepreneurs.

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