July 26, 2021

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Work continues in the House of Representatives during government recess

San Juan – The majority spokesperson and interim president of the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico, Ángel Matos, announced this Thursday that administrative work in the House will continue during this week and next, in preparation for the return of legislative sessions in August.

“Maintenance work on the main building, administrative work for the finance and human resources departments continue uninterrupted this week and next. Also, several legislative offices with reduced staff continue to function, ”said the representative in a statement.

Regarding the rebound in COVID-19 cases of the Delta variant, Representative Matos announced that internal administrative orders will not be relaxed for the beginning of the Session in August. “For the second Ordinary Session, the internal guidelines for the prevention of COVID-19 will continue and when full-time work is resumed, we will carry out a massive test exercise and it will be compulsory to take the test before resuming work”, concluded the Acting Chamber President Angel Matos.

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