March 4, 2021

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Work in the ACAA suspended due to Covid-19 cases | government

The Automobile Accident Compensation Administration (ACAA) activated its Covid-19 security protocol and suspended face-to-face work at its central building in Hato Rey, after it was reported that an employee tested positive for the virus.

Accordingly, employees will be administered the serological test for Covid-19 this Tuesday. The procedure will be done through self-service, to avoid employees having to get out of their vehicle.

Dr. Nolasco also ordered the immediate sanitation of the building, located on the corner of Chardón and Hostos streets, in Hato Rey; procedure that will take place this Tuesday.

Visitors and injured were asked not to go to the building, which houses the central offices and the San Juan region of ACAA, until the disinfection tasks are completed.

“We are strictly complying with the applicable protocol by suspending work in the building as soon as we become aware of the case, by ordering the immediate sanitation of the building and providing tests to employees to detect other possible infections. Those visitors and injured who need the services provided by the ACAA region will be able to go to the other regions that we have available throughout the island ”, informed Dr. Nolasco.

Administrative processes that contain terms will be extended until services are resumed, that is, after disinfecting the facilities and ensuring that employees who test negative for Covid-19 can return to their daily tasks, added the official.

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