July 30, 2021

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Yauco confirms outbreak of COVID-19 in a family

As published by the municipality on its social networks, of the 20 cases reported yesterday, 12 belong to the same family

By Metro Puerto Rico

The municipality of Yauco confirmed in its social networks that 12 people from the same family tested positive for COVID-19, according to its contact tracking program. [19659009] These 12 cases make up the majority of the 20 additional infections that the city council registered, according to the publication.

“Of the total of new confirmed cases, 12 belong to a family outbreak, in addition to two additional infection lines”, the city council reported.

“The reunions, the family celebrations (without protection), and the travelers have caused an upturn in cases,” he added.

The announcement occurs in the same week in which the Department of Health registered an increase in infections on the Island. Similarly, the agency also reported an increase in hospitalizations related to the pandemic.

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