July 29, 2021

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You can now call 9-1-1

The Department of Public Safety reported today that citizens can now call 9-1-1, as it was possible to redirect calls (call forward) to Puerto Rico Police phone number, 787-343-2020, where there are personnel available to attend them.

It was indicated that Public Security managed the situation with telephone provider companies and the Telecommunications Bureau.

The Emergency Systems Bureau Reception Centers were closed last night due to positive cases of coronavirus.

“Employees who had or could have had contact with the affected people were placed in isolation and tests will be carried out to detect COVID-19 in the coming days, as established by the protocols of the Department of Health. On the other hand, both buildings will be decontaminated and the date on which operations will resume will be reported soon, ”said the Secretary of Public Security, Pedro Janer.

9-1-1 receives 10,000 to 12,000 calls a day, according to Aramis Cruz, vice president of the Union of Communications Workers.

Cruz pointed out that the union warned from the beginning of the pandemic what would happen if a coherent contingency plan was not activated.

“Since March we have tried to bring suggestions to the administration and we have them in writing… we talked to them about having a five-day barracks plan with trained personnel so that in case someone got sick, the services would not be disrupted in what was done. the protocol and the tests ”, he pointed out.

After the closure of 9-1-1, Public Safety also had the telephone number 787-724-0124 of the Bureau of Emergency Management and Disaster Administration (Nmead). However, the commissioner Nino Correa He recognized today that for the agency “it is uphill” to answer calls due to personnel and equipment limitations.

“If someone calls, it is important for them to know that we want to do it as quickly as possible, but there have been times when it may take a while,” Correa said. “We are trying to get the job done, these things are not expected to happen. It is the first time this has happened, people cannot compare other moments, it is our turn now and we want to be responsible, ”he said.

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