May 15, 2021

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You can now make your appointment to renew expired licenses | government

The Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTOP) reported that, starting today, citizens with expired licenses or identifications in June and July of this year will be able to enter and request your appointment for renewal in the new CESCO 2.0.

In this way, any citizen whose license or identification has expired between December 2019 and July 2020, can access and request your renewal appointment for the day, time and CESCO of your choice, according to availability.

As explained by the secretary of DTOP, Carlos M. Contreras Aponte “in this first month of CESCO 2.0, they have already been successfully renewed over 60,000 licenses and IDs, which has exceeded our expectations. Thanks to that success, we have been able to incorporate, as planned, access for people with expired licenses in other months of the year, and we even began to incorporate expired licenses and identifications in December of last year. ”

Since last December 1, July, people with expired licenses and identifications between January and March have access to this appointment system, while on July 14 access was enabled for those with expired licenses in April and May. As of July 22, the second phase of the program entered, giving people with expired licenses access to the appointment system in December 2019.

Currently, anyone who needs to do a CESCO management must make an appointment through and select the place, date and time that suits you best, according to availability.

In the case of renewals of licenses and identifications, they must also take into account the expiration date of these.

Finally, the secretary of DTOP urged citizens "to continue using the technological tools that we have made available to them, and that allow them to carry out countless steps from the comfort of their phone mobile, computer or tablet.

Through they can make their appointments for all procedures in CESCO 2.0, while with the CESCO Digital mobile phone application they can ba Gave the licenses of their vehicles, see and pay their fines with the amnesty discount that ends on September 14, lower their driver record for free, among other services. Likewise, they can use the Digital Collecting application to buy the stamps of the Department of the Treasury, necessary for transactions in the CESCO, courts and other government agencies, "he explained.

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