March 4, 2021

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"You don't live here calmly"

Neighbors in the southern area no longer have to deal with the fear and anxiety caused by tremors and the coronavirus pandemic; now also adds the threat posed by the atmospheric system that since yesterday began to leave copious rains and winds on the Island.

From early hours yesterday morning, residents in the towns marked by earthquakes were attentive to development of the potential cyclone 9 and the rains it would leave on the area, foreseeing the supply of food, water and the protection of their respective belongings.

At noon, the authorities finalized details to receive refugees at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt school in Guánica. However, in a round of some areas of that town, several Guaniqueños interviewed expressed that they would pass the atmospheric event in their homes.

“We are going to have rain, water, flood, but I hope the wind is not as strong and the waves don't rise. I stay here, with my brother Luis Iván … I have two mountains that are spectacular to protect the bay, "said Ada Vélez Olavarrieta, who lives in front of the Malecon.

While Wilbert Almodóvar, community leader in the La Luna sector, who has been the epicenter of many earthquakes, highlighted that he and many neighbors would stay on the periphery of their homes.

"We have seen that there is a lot of preparation, especially the neighbors who have taken due precautions and everyone is getting supplying because with the past experiences, one acquires learning and is evolving and changing the way of doing things, "said Almodóvar.

" Everyone is coordinating; Right now we agree that if there is a need that we have to move suddenly, we would do it for the field where the refuge was, next to the ball park, because that structure has not been damaged. In the meantime, we stay in campaign stands in the back of my house, and I go to the marquee for anything, which is the safest thing we have at that time, "he admitted.

On the other hand, the municipal government of Guayanilla took to the streets from Tuesday night to guide residents of the sectors susceptible to floods so that they could move to safer places, especially in the communities of El Faro, Playa, Playita in the Magas sector and Playita in Guaydía. .

There they enabled the shelter of the Gloria María Borrero school in the Macaná sector from 10:00 am yesterday.

"I go there (to the shelter) to protect myself, I do not feel safe here, as time is like that, let's go there now. I protect myself, I wear a mask, gloves, hand washing and whenever it rains I go to the shelter and stay there, because that is a dangerous system and I protect myself while I can, "said Vicky Rivera Maldonado, a neighbor of the Playa community. while being transported in a municipal vehicle.

However, Jesús Maldonado, who resides in the same community, insisted that he preferred to stay in his house, which was marked in red when it was declared uninhabitable by earthquakes.

stay, but it is because of the rain, this endures rain, I am not going to the shelter because of the virus, one does not know who is going; that's not a lie, that sticks fast, you have to protect yourself. I am prepared to stay here, (the rain) does not scare me, "he confessed.

For his part, Vidal Caraballo, another resident of the Playa de Guayanilla neighborhood, said that," I am going to the shelter because I am Nurse, public employee, when the COE is there they activate us and I go there and some of the neighbors have left. "

" We have earthquakes, continuous tremors, tremor problems, observing the sea, the changes, the sea is It enters and floods all the patios, and that is not of now, because this is filled with water. Now when the wind comes with the water, that water jumps and goes in there, "Caraballo said, showing how erosion has lowered the terrain, making them more vulnerable to cyclonic movement.

" The only thing we can to do is to secure the property, because nothing else can be done. Here you don't live in peace, here you rest for a few days during the day, you live with uncertainty because you feel like a current under the earth, here it took away our peace, "he lamented.

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