April 17, 2021

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Young baby who died in childbirth is in perfect health

While they are waiting for the autopsy to determine if the 24-year-old girl who died after giving birth in Manatí was due to COVID-19, it transpired that the baby is in perfect health.

According to reported Telenoticias the mother's family, who they identified as Nahiomi Miranda, expressed that the baby is in perfect health.

"All the relatives are extremely affected by the uncertainty of their unexpected As of today, the hospital and the medical team that treated Nahiomy have not provided us with the reason for his death, even, despite various attempts, we have not been able to contact his doctor, so we do not know what happened. His body is in Forensic Sciences where an autopsy will be performed, which we hope will shed light on the reasons for his death, "they expressed in statements reviewed by that medium.

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