June 14, 2021

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Young entrepreneur opens the doors of her gourmet custard business in Ponce

Photo: Supplied

PONCE – After several years of efforts, the entrepreneurship project of the young woman from Ponce, Xionet Meléndez, Kaela’s Puerto Rico, opens the doors of its first store on Avenida Las Américas in Ponce.

Kaela’s It’s a project that started two years ago in my dad’s kitchen. Inspired by their Gourmet Custards and by my daughter Mikaela, which also means gift from God and is the one who gives the name to the business, I decided to undertake this idea, ”Xionet Meléndez told La Perla del Sur.

As explained, Kaela’s Puerto Rico It is a gourmet dessert business specialized in custard. An Italian root dessert, very similar to Panacotta, which are prepared in a variety of flavors.

“We are the first commercial brand on the island dedicated to this type of dessert. It is a delicious and smooth cream that we combine with our fresh and delicious ‘toppings’ to create a unique, fun and palatable experience ”, explained the young businesswoman.

During this season -he said- the flavors of Guava, Cookies and Cream, Pralines, Pistachio, Chocolate, Coffee, Cheesecake and Lemon will be working. “All our products are made entirely by hand and with fresh, quality products from the country,” he assured.

Young businesswoman Xionet Meléndez. Photo: Supplied

The short-term goals of Kaela’s Puerto Rico They are to redistribute their products to local businesses throughout the island and in the long term to distribute to supermarkets throughout the island.

“Supporting local commerce is synonymous with quality, good service and sustainability. Thanks to local commerce, the social and economic structure of the towns not only remains active, but grows ”, said Meléndez about the contribution to the country of his store.

He also noted that “my advice to those who want to achieve their goals, to open a new business, is never stop challenging themselves and taking risks, because they will never know what they can achieve with their efforts until they put their efforts into action. ideas ”.

The business will be operating from Wednesday to Saturday from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. By protocol, they should call before visiting at 787-553-2764.

The store will also be providing the service of Pick up to other parts of the island in the metro, south and west area and distributing its products to local businesses throughout the island.

To order you can visit www.kaelaspr.com or call 787-553-2764 for more information. In addition, they can search for them on Facebook social networks as Kaela’s Puerto Rico and on Instagram as kaelas.pr.

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