March 1, 2021

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Young juanadina starts essential oil business motivated by her health

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JUANA DÍAZ – The young entrepreneur Desiree Marie Gómez Guzmán has found in aromatherapy not only an alternative to improve her health, but has also turned it into a business; in a life project to help other people relieve their symptoms of migraine, stress, among other conditions.

At 18 years of age, he was diagnosed with Syndrome Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia (POTS, for its acronym in English), a condition that with stress levels tends to intensify and cause fainting and other health situations.

This syndrome is incurable and does not have a treatment that is completely effective. One of her best friends one day gave her an essential oil for stress and from that moment on, the story is another in her life.

That gift opened the doors for her to realize that aromatherapy could be an alternative to relieve migraines and stress, symptoms of her health condition that later led to fainting. Now, with the use of essential oils, Desiree can go months without falling to the ground, avoiding injury, something that is the most worrying with this syndrome.

Seeing the effectiveness of this product and how much it could help other people improve their quality of life, Desiree decides to prepare essential oil mixtures herself to have them at a more accessible price for people, thus being born Essential Desire PR.

Photo: Supplied

“I am studying aromatherapy online. Here is a great opportunity for growth… I am in love with this world ”, expressed the excited young Juanadina who is also studying her last year of Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology at the University of Puerto Rico, Ponce Campus.

Essential Desire PR It has been less than a month since launched on the social networks of Facebook and Instagram and has already reached hundreds of followers. In addition, according to Desiree, the reception has been very good, since it is just beginning and about a dozen people write to her daily to ask for orders or to obtain information.

At the moment, interested persons can write to him through the Facebook or Instagram pages searching for him under Essential Desire PR or call 787-376-2541.

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