August 5, 2021

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Young man infects several people from the south after leaving jangueo knowing that he was positive for COVID-19

A young Puerto Rican resident of Florida was responsible for several outbreaks of COVID-19 coronavirus in southern Puerto Rico after going to various places knowing that he was positive for the disease.

This was confirmed by this night at Primera Hora the president of the College of Physicians-Surgeons, Víctor Ramos.

"He arrives positive and since he has no symptoms he went to three pubs and infected more people" he stated in a telephone interview.

Although he could not specify the number of people who were affected, if he estimated that they would be between “two and three infected in each pub.”

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Ramos indicated that when the young man was warned that he should be quarantined, his response was to indicate that he was leaving the country, but the authorities did not allow it.

[Neitheryou'regoingtogetonaplanetoinfectothers" said the union president.

According to Telenoticias the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, in English) and the Department of Homeland Security sent a letter to the young man warning him that he was a “Risk to public safety.”

In addition, he was informed that he had been included in the list of persons prohibited from traveling on airplanes, trains, buses, ferries, or ships.

The Department of Health reported last 10 July that it had identified people with coronaviruses who wanted to leave the country and that, recently, had the CDC include them in the “Do Not Board” list.

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In the letter, presented in the television report, they indicated that the Florida resident should be in isolation until July 11. Ramos believes that the person has already left Puerto Rico.

Health indicated in its morning report today that a total of 3,119 confirmed cases and 7,455 probable cases have been reported in the Puerto Rican islands. The deaths add up to 172. Meanwhile, hospitalizations reached a record with 280, of which 25 are in intensive care and 14 connected to respirators.

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The state of Florida, for its part, exceeded 300,000 confirmed cases on Wednesday and averages around 96 deaths a day, more than triple that of one month.

"Over there in Florida they do nothing", criticized Ramos regarding the protocols to prevent people positive to the disease from taking flights.

"Complicated" the panorama

On the other hand, the doctor described as “complicated” the situation that the Borincano archipelago is going through due to increases in the cases of COVID-19, as well as hospitalizations.

“The curve is ascending. Nine or ten out of 100 tests are positive … [Antes] we went down the curve because people were in the house "he mentioned.

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In addition, he highlighted that health institutions are going through a difficult situation since they are currently attending to patients with conditions They had to wait for the curve to decrease before they could resume their treatments.

"We are running through two crises that fill our hospitals," said.

He also warned that if the situation and citizens do not cooperate, hospitals could collapse.

"Everyone has to cooperate", asked.

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