May 10, 2021

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Young man is seriously injured in the face after a block was thrown at his car while driving

A 21-year-old girl was seriously injured on her face later of having a piece of block thrown at him while driving on the Baldorioty de Castro Expressreported today, Sunday, the Police.

According to the partner of the injured, Roberto Medero, both were traveling the section when at the height of Fragoso Avenue they felt an impact on the front window of their car, a blue 1995 Chevrolet Lumina.

After this, Medero realized that his partner, Michelle Rodriguez, did not react after being hit directly in the face.

Rodríguez was treated by paramedics and later transported to the UPR Hospital in Carolina where the doctor on duty diagnosed trauma to her face and the loss of the two upper central teeth and was referred to the Río Piedras Medical Center.

This incident was investigated by state agents covering North and West Carolina.

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