March 3, 2021

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Young man starts food business grounded in his Dominican roots

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PONCE – The young entrepreneur Anthony Irizarry Pilarte- this Thursday, October 8, 2020- opens the doors of his Dominican food business with great enthusiasm at the Ponce Food Truck Spot on Avenida Fagot in Ponce.

Is about The Trip Food Truck, a small Dominican food business that initially had the concept of offering meals from different countries, but in order not to compete with neighboring Food Trucks, focused its efforts on making foods of Dominican nationality such as mangú, something that is generally not achieved in many places.

Anthony descends from a Dominican family, his mother is Dominican, and he has Dominican descent, one of his daughters is Dominican. This makes him have a certain love and attachment to this culture, which he has wanted to cultivate in a gastronomic way.

This young entrepreneur began his career in the kitchen as a dishwasher in a restaurant in the United States, but one day he got tired of just washing dishes and began to learn about cooking, something that he liked more than he thought.

One day, one of his daughters who lives in Puerto Rico called him to tell him how much she missed him and this fact touched his heart so much that he decided that he should work and save as much as possible to return to the Island to be close to his daughters and establish his own food business.

The tremors and the pandemic delayed his plans a bit, but Anthony understood that it was time to realize his long-awaited dream and did everything in his power to obtain permits and establish his business, which will start as a Food Truck, but that after 5 years he hopes to open his store and create jobs.

The menu includes foods such as: mangú, chillo steak, shrimp, ribs, pork chops, grilled boneless hips, cheeseburger, bacon-cheeseburger, ripe banana balls, French fries, empanadillitas, corn sorullitos, mozzarella sticks, cheese Dominican fried, yucca balls, Dominican fried cheese, among others. He also prepares a refreshing Dominican drink called “Morísoñando”.

The 27-year-old, born in New York and raised in Ponce since he was 3 years old, advises any entrepreneur not to abandon their dreams or pay attention to the criticism of people who want to divert them from the path; that with a lot of discipline and effort everything can be achieved.

The Trip Food Truck It is located at the Ponce Food Truck Spot on Avenida Fagot in Ponce. You can see the full menu through the Facebook page The Trip Food Truck. Orders are taken from 8:00 in the morning, but the business does not open until 11:00 am. For more information or to order, you can call 787-516-3592.

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