April 14, 2021

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Young man who collided with pole in Ponce dies

From the police investigation it appears that he was driving in apparent speeding

Ponce – As reported by the Police, in the afternoon today, he was informed about the death of the young Héctor Luis Vega Colón, 20, who resulted in serious injuries in the middle of a car accident with a fixed object.

The accident was reported at around 5:12 in the morning in front of Égida Estancias Doradas on Villa Street in Ponce.

From the investigation carried out by agent Samuel Santiago Fornes, attached to the Ponce Highway Patrol Division, it is established that at about 5:00 in the morning today, while the young man was driving a Toyota vehicle, Tercel model of the year 1989, gray color due to the aforementioned taxiway, this one did so at a speed that did not allow him to control the steering wheel, so due to such carelessness he deviated to the left of the opposite lane and hit a pole of the power line.

Due to the impact, he then went and struck a metal fence.

In this accident, Vega Colón was injured, who was transported to the Dr. Pila Hospital, where he was initially received in stable condition by Dr. Santos.

Later and after being evaluated, the young man presented a delicate health picture, for which he would be referred to the Medical Center, but in the afternoon, he was informed about his death.

It should be noted that the initial investigation of the accident was carried out by agent Elizabeth Pérez of the Ponce Oeste Precinct and who later, at about 8:30 in the morning, was informed to the Ponce Highway Patrol Division, this after they were informed about the driver’s condition.

Agent Samuel Santiago Fornes, from the Ponce Highway Patrol Division, took over the investigation together with agent Abdón López from Technical Services.

The prosecutor Jorge Martínez was informed, who ordered the taking of measurements and photos of the place.

In addition, they reported the occupation of the motor vehicle for investigation and the ticket was issued, for the transfer of the body to Forensic Sciences.

It was also reported that in the middle of the investigation, two containers and a bag containing marijuana were seized.

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