December 4, 2020

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Young mother starts small cheesecake business after pandemic

Photo: Facebook / D’elicious Cheesecake

PONCE – The young Ponce mother of two boys and a girl, Daphne Quiñones Medina, undertook in September 2020 a project to make small cheesecakes from her home, this with the purpose of being close to her children during the pandemic and being able to assist them in their virtual classes.

“From all the COVID, I needed to spend more time here at home with the children since now the school is virtual and I did not leave work, but it was less hours. The idea came to me and my oldest son, Dwariel, to make tiny cheesecakes because people sometimes think it’s too sweet to eat a large piece, ”Daphne explained of how the idea came about with her oldest son.

They named the small business after D’elicious Cheesecake the idea of ​​Dwariel, a small company that has allowed them to spend more time together as a family.

The small business has had a lot of support from people. They ask them for dozens of small cheesecakes for birthday parties, private activities, teenagers and even weddings to give out as souvenirs instead of cake.

Now that the family holidays of Thanksgiving and then Christmas are approaching, Daphne recommends her cheesecakes to be a dessert or snack alternative at those celebrations, since it also avoids having to spend on plates and cutlery to serve the cheesecake .

D’elicios Cheesecake it has the preparation of small cheesecakes with toppings of different flavors such as: oreo, nutella, cherry, lemon, cheese and guava and guava alone.

Although the initial idea was to make only small cheesecakes and sell them by the dozen, customers have asked them for larger-sized cheesecakes for birthday festivities, since not everyone is a cake lover. So if this is your case, Daphne also offers you this delicious alternative.

The young entrepreneur mother makes deliveries on Thursdays at nearby locations in Ponce or by agreeing with her clients to meet in the middle.

For more information about this project and to see this delicious alternative for your activities you can find them on Facebook and Instagram as D’elicios Cheesecake or write him by WhatsApp at 787-475-9782 for questions or to place your order.

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