November 28, 2020

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Young people bring Thanksgiving shopping to low-income families

For the fifth consecutive year, the Puerto Rico Cambia youth organization celebrated its traditional “Giving Hope Route” with the purpose of giving thanksgiving dinner to low-income families.

“We came to the municipalities of Rincón, Lajas and Cabo Rojo with a small party and a Thanksgiving dinner for low-income families”, said the executive director of the entity, Jorge E. Pagan, in written statements.

“This is the most anticipated activity by our team, in fact, it is the activity with the highest participation of volunteers, however, this year we had to limit ourselves to just taking a small group, dividing ourselves into teams and doing the route in just one day” he explained.

Then, about 15 volunteers from the entity were divided into small groups to be able to make the community impact in a safe way due to the COVID-19 pandemic that today surpassed the tragic figure of 1,000 deaths.

“The pandemic should not be an excuse for not serving the community. We have taken all measures so that our team is safe as well as the impacted families. All the volunteers were tested for COVID-19 one day before the event and another will be carried out in the next few days “Pagán said.

For his part, the community administrator of the organization, Kristopher marreroHe was grateful to be able to “see the smiles” of the beneficiaries “through the eyes”.

“We are experiencing challenging times, which motivate us all to get out of our comfort zone. Today it was shocking to see how in the midst of the physical distancing that we live and the moments of uncertainty, we managed to give hope and joy ”, he stated.

On the other hand, Jarelly rosario, who is a volunteer for the entity and part of the community committee, pointed out that her first participation in the event was gratifying to be able to bring her food so that the families could “give thanks for life”.

He also highlighted the visit to two families who all had COVID 19.

“Within today’s tour, we had two families that have been affected by the pandemic. From the outside, our team gave them their purchase and their little party “, counted.

The Giving Hope Route has impacted hundreds of families in the municipalities of: Corozal, Naranjito, Comerio, Caguas, Las Piedras, Rio Grande, Adjuntas, Hatillo, Camuy, Utuado, Arecibo, Maricao, San German and Sabana Grande.

“I remember that in 2016 on this first route we had a family who told us that their grandchildren went to the school turkey race to try to win it and if they couldn’t, they would buy a whole chicken for the children to return to. classroom the following week they could say they got something to eat on Thanksgiving Day “, said the executive director of the entity.

“I never imagined that in Puerto Rico there were families that could not celebrate this day. From then on I have not been able to celebrate a Thanksgiving day in which I cannot at least bless families so that they can have that meal that day.”He added.

This year, the work schedule of Puerto Rico Cambia has had to be adjusted due to the coronavirus pandemic and initiatives such as: virtual concerts for the benefit of their followers, activities in car service and the debate of the candidates for governor have been able to work convened by young people.

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