June 12, 2021

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Young people murdered in Caguas were 19 years old and had no criminal record

The young people murdered last night, Tuesday, in the municipality of Caguas were 19 years old. This was confirmed by David Correa’s agent, from the Caguas Criminal Investigation Corps (CIC), in an interview with Radio Isla 1320 am.

Correa explained that these young people arrived to explore the abandoned area of ​​what was known as the Moisty Skate Park and they encountered a person, who according to the authorities is homeless, who opened fire on them by questioning their reasons for being in the property.

The person, whose description is already available, left the crime area and is wanted by the authorities.

The three youths arrived with two others who survived the attack.

The three teenagers have already been identified by the authorities, but they did not offer their names since not all the relatives have been notified.

The agents continue on the scene from 9:25 p.m.

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