April 16, 2021

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Young people will inaugurate digital platform for legal education | PRESENT

A group of young Puerto Ricans are preparing to inaugurate this Saturday the digital platform entextopr.org .

The platform was born from the non-profit educational organization Puerto Rico En Contexto, which promotes the democratization of education through courses and tutorials at low cost and through the dissemination of multimedia content.

For that reason attextpr.org seeks to make legal and legal education accessible to all students in Puerto Rico. promote a contextual analysis of day-to-day circumstances from a youthful and educated perspective.

Encontextopr.org seeks to achieve its vision of achieving a Puerto Rican society that develops through the discussion of ideas based on evidence, logic, critical thinking and reason, through the use of different theoretical frameworks in constant dialectic.

“As young students seeking a better future, hem You have faced many challenges in the past years that have made teaching difficult and the possibilities of forming a generation of good professionals who cause changes in society. It is for this reason that with a lot of effort we join together to change Puerto Rico one student at a time and help them in whatever way we can so that they can complete their university degrees, ”said Henry Rodríguez Gracia, president of Puerto Rico En Contexto.

The digital platform entextopr.org provides a holistic and varied support to Law, Political Science and Public Administration students.

In the digital Library there is free access to downloadable documents such as the Penal Code, the new Civil Code, the Electoral Code, among other laws and codes of Puerto Rico.

They also offer physical copies of codes, laws and explanatory memorials at an accessible price. These publications can also be purchased at El Candil, Librería Educativa y Libros 787 bookstores.

A large part of these sales will be used in the organization's Scholarship Fund where they will help students pay the exam for admission to the School of Law, purchase of books and materials for its courses, among other initiatives.

“Puerto Rico En Contexto not only promotes a healthy discussion of ideas, but also through its low-cost editorial service, it favors access to justice: a basic principle of the rule of law of every democratic community, ”said Joel Cosme Morales, administrative vice president.

Another innovative offer is the legal tutorials and online courses to supplement the university education that young Puerto Ricans receive and democratize the education.

For the semester from August to December 2020 tutoring will be offered on Real Rights, Right of Obligation laws, Evidence Law, Tort Law and Succession Law, and courses in Politics, International Relations and Public Administration.

For a low cost, students will be able to participate in these prerecorded lessons from anywhere available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, during the period established by the selected membership.

They will also have direct access to tutors to clarify any questions regarding the subjects.

Likewise, they provide book publishing services where they manage the edition and circulation of the submitted writings.

With this offer they seek to promote information and fulfill their mission of helping young talent that lacks opportunities and faces multiple challenges when seeking to publish their book.

“Demonstrando lo best of Puerto Rican youth, we come together in one of the most challenging moments in our history to create this organization that, if It will undoubtedly add a step in the search for a more educated and prosperous generation ", mentioned John Paul Rollocks Rodríguez, Director of Communications.

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