August 1, 2021

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Young Ponceña launches online boutique in times of pandemic

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PONCE – The young woman from Ponce, Anamarie Ortiz Ortiz, started an online boutique at the beginning of the pandemic in which she sells clothing, footwear and accessories for women. It stands out for the excellent quality of customer service and its reasonable prices.

Mariana’s Boutique Online is characterized by its approach that each client can find a new style and – at the same time – believe in themselves when wearing a outfit from the boutique.

Anamarie began this adventure – which she already had in mind – by creating her page in March and opening her online store in June. Previously he had had the opportunity to sell from other stores, but with the pandemic everything became complicated to get the goods and sell them in person to his customers. Mariana’s Boutique Online it was the perfect opportunity to sell remotely and grow as an entrepreneur. And so he did.

“The experience as an entrepreneur was a sudden process, but I like it because it fits into my schedule, I can be free, have my own business and I have been able to develop my long-term goals in a short time and put all my ideas into practice” , Anamarie expressed about her experience as a businesswoman.

Photo: Supplied

According to Anamarie, it is difficult moments like the pandemic and as Hurricane Maria was at one point, those that make better things happen. “They drive us to get those desires and goals that we have in mind and move them forward,” said the young entrepreneur.

For her, her greatest challenges during the few months that her fashion project has been to start over, promote herself, win new clients and have enough space in her home for inventory, since it is a completely online boutique and she works it from her House.

Something that identifies the boutique is that – despite being online – it has advice so that clients can find the best style that suits their personality and size. At the moment only the sizes of Small, Medium and Large work, but most of the pieces have a size table so that clients can compare and choose the one that best suits their body.

People who want to know more about the store can search Mariana’s Boutique Online in Facebook and Instagram or access

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