June 12, 2021

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Young Ponceña sells paintings to obtain funds to study veterinary medicine

Photo: Facebook / Mess Up Mind

PONCE – The young woman from Ponce Carylee Tripari started a painting project about a week ago, which she called Mess up mind. It consists of a Facebook page where he exhibits his semi-realistic style paintings in order to get people interested and the funds acquired to be used for his future career in veterinary medicine.

Carylee paints from a very young age and is a self-taught plastic artist who has learned over the years thanks to her mother getting her the materials to paint and express her thoughts through this art.

The page Mess up mind It owes its name to Carylee suffering from anxiety. “My mind is always everywhere and the first thing I do in those moments is to paint and paint what I have in mind,” Carylee told La Perla del Sur about the reason for the title.

Mess up mind He already has hundreds of likes and followers on Facebook and Instagram thanks to one of his recent paintings about a dog that he painted on a canvas and that – when he posted it on the page – many liked it and continued to share it. The dog’s painting remains exposed on one of the walls at the place where Carylee works as a veterinary technician.

Carylee is studying her last semester of Biomedical studies at the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, Ponce Campus. She dreams and yearns with all her heart to study at a veterinary school. Your first option is to study at the University of Sydney in Australia, and as a second option, you want to qualify at a university in the United States, either in Texas, Tuskegee, or South Carolina.

This goal could be possible with your help and support by ordering some painting through the page Mess up mind on Facebook. Carylee assures that the people who have been her clients have been very satisfied with the result of her paintings.

He explained that the cost of the painting will depend on the size of the canvas, the complexity of the order and the materials. He also indicated that the customer, if he is not satisfied with the final product, is not obliged to buy it.

On the other hand, he reported that deliveries of the painting can be made by post or if the person resides in the south, it can be delivered personally.

People who want to know more about this project and help Carylee achieve her dream of being a veterinarian, specializing in emergencies, can search and write to her through her Facebook pages Mess up mind and Instagram @ mess_up_mind_19.

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